Teach Me, MissLovato: Love Me (studentxteacher Lesbian Stories)

Teach Me, MissLovato: Love Me (studentxteacher Lesbian Stories)

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This is the third in the Teach Me series. 

Summer is over and school is in session. 

Stolen glances, secret messages, and sneaky meetings in closets isn't all that's in store. 

May will learn a lot, and not just during school hours or in the bedroom. 

She'll find out things her parents have kept from her for years, in a misguided attempt to protect her. Things that have molded her into who she is. Things that will now change everything. 

Hey girlfriend continues to ask how she can help May when things get tough. Her answer remains the same: love me.

shalunaa shalunaa Mar 18, 2016
I spent the day yesterday reading you Demi lovato BMS book, thinking it was the third book, I was so confused, until I looked further and saw this..I got up to chapter 24 in the other book XD
demiswarrior52 demiswarrior52 Mar 18, 2016
What happened to the first two books? I was gonna reread them and they are gone😱😱
EmisonsShipwrecked EmisonsShipwrecked Oct 21, 2016
Jesus fvcking Christ. When I read the first fvcking book I knew someone was going to be dead. Fvcking fvck
demenadantana demenadantana Mar 12, 2015
Don't even know how to respond to this like yay new book but I feel so bad about May and like major cliff hanger at the end! Brilliant as always keep up the updates but more importantly the amazing writing! xx
FireStarterXx FireStarterXx Mar 12, 2015
@rebbar64 Thank you♥ 
                              That's very kind. 
                              It would always be cool to have more readers, but I just hope the readers I have like what they read :)
rebbar64 rebbar64 Mar 12, 2015
I really like your books, they are good and I am surprised the reads are so low.  Hopefully word will spread and others can enjoy your work.