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His Master Vampire (boyxboy)

His Master Vampire (boyxboy)

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Ocean_Eyes831 By Ocean_Eyes831 Completed

Icarus Crane is a fledgling vampire with a feisty, free spirited attitude. He lives with his sire, and leads a peaceful life with his new family. His sire always warned him to never get near a master vampire. They're dangerous and powerful and hold no emotions what so ever. Once you're taken and claimed, by a master vampire you're more valuable than them because you hold their power. Icarus ignores the rules and runs into someone.

Someone that decides he's going to make Icarus his own.

This story is rated R, and not edited

First book in the Supernatural Lovers series

Part of a series but can be read as a stand alone

I'm like 5'2 or 3 I'm 15 and short  I know and where I live 5'9 is like the minimum and kinda short for a man and normal for women
PAN----Da PAN----Da Apr 15
*shoots him in the head* NOO YOU MUST LOVE MY SEXY FABULOUS ASS!!!
PAN----Da PAN----Da Apr 15
Lucky ass my mum says I have to wait until the year 193758385839275393 and even then she said she'll still chaperone me...
I'm gonna kms for this but I just got done playing over watch and I pictured the "master vampire" as mcree.😭 I'm dead
NoGoZone NoGoZone Apr 17 least my dad says I can go anywhere  until I'm married with three kids and I'm forty. Didn't really get it, so I just nodded my head and ran like a mad person all the way to the park shouting NEVER!
I thought my dad was strict when he said I couldn't go out alone before I was eighteen!