Brooklyn Beckham Imagines

Brooklyn Beckham Imagines

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Brooklyn is bae By brookbeckhamimagines Updated Jul 02, 2015

Your family and the Beckham's have always been really close, so you and Brooklyn grew up together. On a frosty winter day, he invites you over to help him baby sit Harper, whilst Victoria is out with David and Romeo and Cruz were at their grannie's.

"Hey," you smile as he lets you into his house, pressing a light kiss on both of your cold cheeks. You take your coat and scarf off, hanging them on the hanger near the door, blushing whilst doing so.

"(Y/N)?" You hear Harper's thin voice call out from somewhere in the house.

"Harper? Where are you love?" You call back. After a few giggles, you hear footsteps on the hardwood floor and, next thing you know, a small body is jumping on you.

"Woah, hello to you too," you chuckle, sensing Brooklyn smiling next to you.

"Harper, where are your manners? You musn't greet a guest like this!" Brooklyn says fatherly, making you blush.

"Nah," you laugh. "You guys are almost like family, considering the amount of time I spend here."

Brooklyn laugh...

thecapitolrunner thecapitolrunner Nov 20, 2016
IN that photo Cruz Beckham was eight and still looked better than most boys at my school. FML
Hailey-The-Crazy-One Hailey-The-Crazy-One Mar 16, 2015
And if it's not to much to ask I have Brooklyn Beckham preferences and I would like it if u would read them and tell me what u think!