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Fanfiction Addiction By theshipper101 Completed

I made a mistake. 
They could all be hurt or worse because of me! 
I'm so sorry. 
Just...remember who...I was
My poor little brother. 
He doesn't seem himself. 
I don't know.  
Maybe I'm just going crazy
But...what if...
~ not your brother!
No puppet strings to hold me down. 
So patiently I watch this town. 
Abnormal will soon be the norm.
Enjoy the calm before the storm.

Stan's brother has returned and Dipper is having mixed feelings about being wrong and having to be saved by Mabel. This leads to disaster and a visit from Bill Cipher.

I have no clue how to prepare you for this train wreak. You either love it or you hate it, I guess. A beloved story by all except the author, Betrayal.

Just Saying: Despite what some parts of this book seem, none of this is Billdip. I wrote this before I knew what all that was and it almost seems tl have some in it, but it doesn't unless you have a dirty mind. Thank you.

@theshipper101 um.. I just wanted to say, that I love the story so far, but I have one little thing to say; Stan is their great uncle, not their grandpa. I'm sorry in advance if this is something other people have been saying a lot, I just thought I should say something just in case..
I agree with Dipper here, he's been with her his entire life and she chose Stan, who's she's known for about 1 month over Dipper
WiddleOldMe WiddleOldMe Apr 26
Stanley is Grunkle Stan
                              Stanford is the author and the six-fingered nerd
WiddleOldMe WiddleOldMe Mar 20
Grunkle Stan is StanLEY whilst his brother is Great Uncle StanFORD
Guys remember this is before we found out about that ford's their great uncle to
Was Gravity Falls a book or something? Because I only watched the series...
                              Is it not weird...
                              To write a fanfic on A TV show?! I mean, it's wonderful and all, but WHY?!