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_Queen-of-yaoi_ By _Queen-of-yaoi_ Updated Feb 07, 2017

Naruto Uzumaki was born without parents, raised without parents and he don't know the first thing about love because he has been hated throughout the village ever since he was an infant.

One day a villager tried to kill him, he snaps and left the village for four years to train and make sure when he comes back that he gets his revenge.

Four years later he comes back new and improved and ready for revenge.

Find out what happens next...................................................

It is a battle between love, betrayal and death, who would die, who would be betrayed and most importantly who would survive and love.

  • fluffy
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  • minkato
  • mpreg
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  • nejishika
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NatsuxDxSetsu NatsuxDxSetsu Jun 05, 2017
no no dont worry my kit! I will alwayslove you! and if i am not there.. than there is Sasuke!!!
dyeinginmymind dyeinginmymind Mar 31, 2017
Naruto: seme (top) 
                              SasUKE: uke (bottom)
                              It's. In. His. NAME.
jackfrost2001 jackfrost2001 Nov 21, 2017
I love that naruto is the top, mostly it's sasuke that's the top
ItsMeYourUncleNeji ItsMeYourUncleNeji Oct 29, 2017
YAY👏these things are especially rare on wattpad uke Sasuke is hella cute 💕😻🍅
I don't really mind Sasuke being the use, but I just want to know how he gets pregnant. No, not the sex part, the other part. Naruto is explainable because you can just say it's because of Kurama
Naru-koi Naru-koi Jan 18, 2017
I recommend that all of konoha goes into lockdown mode NOW, and start building your underground tunnels to the nearest village. Like right now!!!