The Dalyngridge Girl; Bran Stark | ✓

The Dalyngridge Girl; Bran Stark | ✓

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Mare Dalyngridge was a peasant girl that was caught in the middle of a war. She thought that she could survive without a scratch, but instead she barely escapes with her life. Ned and Catelyn Stark take her in, and she quickly befriends Bran Stark. But will they become more than friends? Or will a tragic event occur that will end the Dalyngridge girl's legacy altogether?

*#1 in 'Bran Stark'!
*#129 in 'Game of Thrones'

[Credit goes to George R. R. Martin and HBO. I only own Mare.]

FIRST PUBLISHED; 10 March 2015
FINISHED; 15 June 2015

RoweenaJ RoweenaJ Aug 16
nah. a lord wouldn't even entertain the idea of marrying his boy off to a commoner he found on the road. At most, she'd be a friend and companion to him, like a whipping boy. (whipping boys were boys that were friends with a noble boy, and when the noble boy did wrong, they beat his friend)
A son of the Starks that could inherit Winterfell marrying a peasant? Unlikely.
fiction-n-friction fiction-n-friction Oct 19, 2016
I quite literally just read about this- rereading the first book 👌
Rileyrocks21 Rileyrocks21 Jun 22, 2016
"Hey I'm going to an execution with my father and when I get back we'll steal cookies from the kitchen" wtf😂😂
BeeLame BeeLame Jun 08, 2015
*cringes at the thought of Joffrey (or Joffery, however you spell his accursed name XD)* 
BeeLame BeeLame Jun 08, 2015
Dude, I'm so pumped for this! I absolutely adore and love Bran! <3 X)