All that has happened since I met you.      (Roronoa Zoro X Reader)

All that has happened since I met you. (Roronoa Zoro X Reader)

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Mel_Lunar By Mel_Lunar Updated Sep 12

You find yourself stranded at sea in a worn out small wooden boat that could give out at any moment. The straw hats ship was near and you only hoped they would be nice enough to help you out and not kill you.

(In my honest opinion the story gets better as it goes on)

(My first Xreader story so you now know that.  Any support can come in handy :D also I own none of the pictures  just found them on the internet. Please respect the actual story "One Piece" by Eiichiro Oda)

Also updates are updated infrequently, sorry, as well as you can comment as much as you please. Spam if you want, comment on every paragraph I don't care.  I'll answer back if I have something to say or just ask to be noticed by me. (Idk) You can also ask for an update, because I tend to forget.  I don't recommend doing those things to other people though.

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That stare
                              Me:Ok Star calm and...
                              Me:...stupid and sexy marimo😳
                              Me:OH NO HES HOOOOT😲😍
I once almost knocked my sister out with a laundry basket.....
Lozfan17 Lozfan17 Jul 06
Bad guy: you are unarmed... what are you gonna do? Make me a sandwich? 
                              Reader: I'm gonna defeat you... with... this (pulls out a pickle)
                              BG: (busts out laughing) a pickle?!? You.  Are gonna beat me.  With a dill pickle? 
                              R: yup... now watch!
Flame_Witch Flame_Witch Jan 16
I'm strangely good with a pillow...during pillow fights I accidentally make my sister cry with the pillow
For a second I thought author-chan had forgotten Sanji. I would be really sad because Sanji is my favourite character......
                              After Zoro of course😊
KaiCuo KaiCuo Dec 30, 2016
*stares Zoro, pokes his* what's with the "I'm pleased" face.
                              Zoro: sighs