punk? | michael clifford

punk? | michael clifford

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michael Clifford was the bad boy in school....always getting in trouble for stupid shit.

Emma bell is the good girl. always respects her parents...has good grades.

what happens when she and her friend Adriana go to a party and michael is there?

I have 4 periods...whoa. But then again we have different classes/lunches for every other day. We have a green day and a white day and each day are totally different. So we have a total of 8 classes but still
Pff  he is called  Collumn u r all fake fans duh!JK JK JK I LUV YA ALLLL
I don't know why but he reminds me of monster inc. just abit lol
Y'all should see my schedule our day is divided up into 18 mods each lasting 20 minutes. Most classes take about 2-4 mods every day and we have 6 different schedules.
kayla5SAUCE kayla5SAUCE Aug 24, 2015
I have an internet friend named Adriana. I call her adrianus whorē.
uglyism uglyism Aug 07, 2015
It's probably Calum and he's not Asain, how could you not notice that séxy little fûcking shakuhachi