Their little Luna

Their little Luna

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"I am your King, you will do as I say May!"
"And I am your queen Bradley! Does that mean so little to you?" I gasped, holding back the tears. He raised an eyebrow and began moving slowly towards me, like a predator after its prey.
"You may be my queen my love. But you belong to me before you do your people. You will do well to remember that" he said; now mere inches from my face. 
"You are not my only mate" I spat, feeling his body heat against my skin.
"No, but I'm the only one that matters" he finished, grabbing my throat and connecting my lips to his.

May Crimson never wanted to leave her home in Miami to reside in the lonely city  of London with no family or friends but that's exactly What she had to do at the small age of ten.

Sent away by her father to protect one of his greatest treasures he had unintentionally caused the biggest uprising the supernatural world had ever seen, yet little May knew nothing about it. 
Now fifteen years old with no mate to speak of May must move back to the life she left behind, only this time she must take up the duties of her sister in law, as queen of the werewolf world. But why is it that when she shifts she cannot control her wolf? She can't stop the killing innocent animals and even people. 

Why are there rules she must follow which are enforced by her three protectors, and why are the alpha and beta of the two largest packs in the werewolf world never letting her out of their sight? 

Join May as she goes through the stress of finding her mates and uncovering the mystery of her wolf while battling off a pack that have been fighting for her since the day she was born.

*yeah I'm sorry I promise it's much better than it sounds here and there's a lot more going on. But this is a story with multiple mates and equality isn't really an option here, If the queen finds her mate then he automatically becomes her superior as the King. No questioned asked, don't like it don't read*

SPIN OFF FROM 'The alphas second mate'

Bethany is my middle name.... Why is it always  such a bitch?
lxurxb43 lxurxb43 Jun 10
Yaaaaas something true and normal you go correcting stereotypes
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Dang this sounds like an awesome story! I'm definitely going to continue reading because after reading this part, I'm hooked!
flying_babes flying_babes Aug 14, 2016
She wants to find her mate but she wont even wait a little and not have a boyfriend
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That's a good thing about the carpets. Girls do ya know what I mean.