Demigods at ... Hogwarts ?

Demigods at ... Hogwarts ?

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PJO&HOO&HP Forever <3 By _DamPercy_ Completed

After the war with Gaea, and the wizarding world defeated Voldemort the Big Three are sent on a quest as a favour from Chiron to his old friend Dumbledore to protect the "Hero" of the wizarding world.

Percy, Nico and Thalia are sent to a British school for Wizards to protect some big headed wizard Henry Potter. Or maybe it was Harry ... anyways! 

How will the wizards and demigods get on? Will they become friends, or will Harry's jealousy get in the way of everything? Find out what happens in the Demigods first, and possibly last year at Hogwarts.

                              Nico apparently has a smiley face now "normally"
RandomZambi RandomZambi Sep 27
as a person with ADHD, i have never seen a better description on anger hahahaha
Don't get me wrong u love Harry potter but in this story they make sound like a wimp and he is no wimp
I don't think their gonna make it through the year with out killing themselves if they have to split up.
Joker246825 Joker246825 Jul 19
Omh Poseidon your supposed to help him *rolling on ground laughing*
Why doesn't she just come with? I'm sure Hecate would be okay with it