Stitching the wounds of the beauty that still remains  boyxboy

Stitching the wounds of the beauty that still remains boyxboy

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Jayla By _pushthe_redbutton_ Updated Jan 29, 2013

Andy grew up in Ohio with a weak caring mom and cruel father. Andy hated school his whole life because he was bullied because the way he dressed and music he listened to. Most kids were able to go home and it would be ok but for him it was worst because he was a bisexual boy that believed in being different. His father didn’t like that and sent Andy in a spiraling depressing. The only bright spots in Andy’s life are the ones he loves his mother, cousins, his girlfriend Scout Taylor-Compton an up coming actress and his band black veil brides .he is able to connect with them and they treat him as family just like the Clearwater’s. Andy has ADHD [sorry random fact: D] Two weeks before Andy is able to leave for his first tour disaster strikes and his beautiful mother is murdered by Andy’s father who soon committed suicide. Andy hates Sam with a passion for what he did toLeah and he hates Emily to. Before the Sam thing Leah, Emily and Andy used to be the best of friends. Though Andy is a free spirited fun loving type of guy just like the members of the pack he has no desire to be their friends.Jacob is kind of the same as the books but the big difference is that he’s gay and over Bella. Bella is still his best friend and he does not want her to be a vampire or be with Edward because it’s dangerous. Tries to reach out to Andy but fails miserably

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DjAngelwolf DjAngelwolf Apr 07, 2016
XD Im laughing way to hard. Andrew Dennis Biersack in the twilight universe and with a Mutt XD. Vampires are way better.
WantedByNobody WantedByNobody Jan 25, 2013
The moment I saw Andy Biersack on the cover page, I knew I was going to read this story. 
                              BVB army for life!
Greed_Avaricious Greed_Avaricious Feb 18, 2012
                              lmfao! you're welcome. I guess daring dreamer was sleeping or something when she was trying to read lol. Computers are smart but overrated lol xD 
                              I saw this when I was at my news feed when they suggest random stories to you. :D
_pushthe_redbutton_ _pushthe_redbutton_ Feb 18, 2012
@Greed_Avaricious lmao legit thanks :D Now if only i can figure out why microsoft word didnt see my typo nor any of the people that read the story:D Thanks again
_pushthe_redbutton_ _pushthe_redbutton_ Jul 14, 2011
@DaringDreamer thanks for saying its a good story.Also thank you for the writing tip :D
DaringDreamer DaringDreamer Jul 13, 2011
Good story! One thing, try putting some punctuation. The readers will understand things more. But great story! Keep it up! (: