Dude's A Lady?

Dude's A Lady?

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"When life hands you lemons you make lemonade. When your brother throws you a wig you wear it."


Vivian and Sawyer King are twins. They were a team and the only family they ever needed. But a new town shakes up their dynamic. Sawyer is in love with Nicki and Nicki is in love with.....herself.

When Sawyer asks his twin sister to pose as him Vivian finds herself in a tight situation. Welcome to the world of "dude" where football, girls, and Blake are all included.

But being your brother isn't an easy task. Vivian finds herself in awkward encounters, drunken mishaps, and in the company of many...MANY love triangles. 

Add a couple Virginators, oblivious parents, a hot best friend, a secret double life, and a group of kids known as the intimidation nation and you have yourself Vivian Kings not so normal life. 

[inspired by Twelfth Night by Shakespeare + She's The Man]

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21Quacker 21Quacker Sep 10
i love divergent, but i hate the end of the last movie and book. I Liked the book better
I know the fact that the actress is Amanda Byrne makes the movie 100% better
selenasvogue selenasvogue 6 days ago
every time I see his face somethin just happens to me ya know???
selenasvogue selenasvogue 6 days ago
honestly I shouldn’t even be feelin like this like francisco is always casted but
                              Don't know what day it is. Sunday, I think
                              My bed 
                              IM READY FOR THIS ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS!!!
Tripsdnn Tripsdnn Sep 27
Thank god. To the pics. Even though you recognize the faces some people might not recognize the names. Like me. So thanks. 👏👏🤝