The Heart Of A Pirate

The Heart Of A Pirate

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As a maid in the Governor's house, and occasional personal attendtant to Governor Sorenson's spoiled daughter  Marie, Sang  has learned the value of silence and invisibility. All she wants is to do her job without getting beaten or fired. In a moment of weakness, left alone in Marie Sorenson's room, she puts on one of the extravagant dresses in the wardrobe. As she is twirling in a daydream she is suddenly caught by the last people she thinks to see.

The crew of the GhostBird are ruthless, cruel, vile, the epitome of evil and their mysterious Captain Blackbourne is worse. Or at least those are the rumors. And they wouldn't have it any other way. In reality they work for a mysterious organization that works to better the lives of the common people of the Carribeans and help those in need while trying to keep the pirate problem under control. After getting a tip about the corruption of Governor Sorenson they are sent on a mission: Kidnap the beloved and spoiled daughter and find a way to use her to bring her father under control. No one is looking forward to it, until they lay eyes on the twirling beauty in the daughter's room. 

Without even knowing it she quickly captivates the entire crew and then they find out they have the wrong girl. How can they complete their mission now? Will they let her stay? And what happens when an old enemy rears his head?

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BamaRose BamaRose Apr 18, 2017
So I'm bored and wanting read something completed. I figure it was time for a reread 😆 Be prepared to be spammed with votes and comments mwahahaha ❤
- - Feb 18, 2017
I found this book again and I remember it being so good last time, that I'm rereading it 😂
babyblue7990 babyblue7990 Jul 09, 2015
If you want any sort of help feel free to message me on the group or on here. I am a nerd and love researching things so if you want to save time and send me the specific things you want to research, I can help :-)
Allninearemine Allninearemine Jun 26, 2015
Finally! I thought I was never going to find the time to read this! Can't wait!
Prepgirls Prepgirls Jun 03, 2015
Yessss! I was waiting for you to start this story for so long but i missed it when you finally did! I'm off to enjoy this awesome story! 
Asayna Asayna Mar 21, 2015
I'm looking forward to this story and I hope it's going to start soon :)