Teacher Aide (kellic)

Teacher Aide (kellic)

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Kellic Quentes By KellicsGayAf Completed

Victor Fuentes is a new teacher who takes the place of Mr.Kraler. Mr. Fuentes comes into the school thinking he would just be teaching students and making friends with the staff there. But what he doesnt know is that one boy will corrupt his mind.

Kellin Quinn Bostwick is your normal teenage boy. He has a normal life and does whatever any normal boy would do. Hes shy, innocent, and covered. Atleast in public....

Ok yay student/teacher fic, any comment mentioning ttoyl will be deleted 

(WARNING: this book will contain a shitload of smut so read at your own risk, also! The grammar sucks and there's many spelling errors so don't read it if it bothers you that much (-: )

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: @kellicsgayaf 2015

iammrsperry iammrsperry Oct 10
It's been a day and your already wanting to fxck him (I'm proud of the sexican 😂) ((also when I typed 'sexican' it autocorrected to 'seducing' what does that tell you?))
There is a thing called chill and it's best if you find it Vic
Chyro_Chan Chyro_Chan Oct 24
Lol opposite if me. I don't do my homework and I daydream about Kellin.
NO LIP BITING KITTEN (fyi does anyone know what happened to that fanfic I can't find it anywhere)
AletheaJean AletheaJean Nov 25
AAAAAAAAaaaaAH that's some fifty shades stuff, shh don't ask how I know that.