Forbidden Kiss BOOK 1 - (NaLu) ✔

Forbidden Kiss BOOK 1 - (NaLu) ✔

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Natsu and Lucy have been bestfriends since they were kids. Igneel has been in love with Layla for a very long time, how could he conceal this feeling when her wife is already dead, so is Layla's husband, his best friend, Jude?
He confesses Layla. But, a tragic accident happened--a car ran them over.

Natsu takes in Lucy as his own sister. Years and years have passed and Lucy has developed romantic feelings for his Natsu-nii. How will she handle her feelings in such a situation? will she just forget about it and live on as his sister forever? or will she fight for the love she strongly believes in?

started - 07.31.14
ended - 09.13.14

Ugh ew aren't they just friends?? Igneel and Layla aren't together yet
Um I read the description but Igneel and Layla didn't get together yet so why are they...
Oooh. A dragon entered a funeral XD XD Jk I know it's a red haired guy
I didn't cry when my uncle died. I didn't cry when my grandpa died. •_• I felt nothing really, I tried to feel sad for my parents but... Nothing really came out of me. >~<
how does walking in a garden from getting into a car crash happen?! xD 
Well that went from 0 to OVER 9000 real quick (sorry I had to😂)