Fire and Ice (Zutara / Zutarian)

Fire and Ice (Zutara / Zutarian)

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Aphrodite By Junexxi Completed

I mostly changed the scenes....ZUTARA!!!!
all about the romance:)

Zuko and Katara

This story is about Zuko and Kataras hate and goes to love 'thing'...

Its also about Katara controlling and denying her feelings for him.

....And I continued the last part,where the Avatar won, Zuko is finally king,and focuses more on them and about them being meant to be...

Its a must read ^^, Cause ZUTARA should have happen!!!! tell me if you guys agree :D

(I dont own the characters....i just change most parts:))ZUTARA!!!:)))

I wrote this when I was 16...whoo!

(I dont own Avatar: The last Airbender)
-I dont own Pictures and YouTube video's that are posted on the sides BUT whoever made them are AMAZING... :)

**read at your own risk, I wrote this when I was 14 so there will be grammar and spelling problems :D
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debsART debsART May 05
Damn son. Just started and you basically slapped me with talent. I'm shook
TazmanianP TazmanianP Aug 19, 2016
Something to think about. Friends are the people you hate the least and love the most.
bwari_atina bwari_atina Nov 17, 2016
The video makes Azula(don't know if it's the correct spelling) look like a jealous girlfriend.
Cr0_Magn0n Cr0_Magn0n Feb 13, 2015
Lel, so much h8 shall reign from this story. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rossinia Rossinia Jun 26, 2014
I got confused at the summary but then I remembered Avatar the animation not the blue people one so I'm excited about this nya n_n