Fire and Ice (Zutara / Zutarian)

Fire and Ice (Zutara / Zutarian)

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Aphrodite By Junexxi Completed

I mostly changed the scenes....ZUTARA!!!!
all about the romance:)

Zuko and Katara

This story is about Zuko and Kataras hate and goes to love 'thing'...

Its also about Katara controlling and denying her feelings for him.

....And I continued the last part,where the Avatar won, Zuko is finally king,and focuses more on them and about them being meant to be...

Its a must read ^^, Cause ZUTARA should have happen!!!! tell me if you guys agree :D

(I dont own the characters....i just change most parts:))ZUTARA!!!:)))

I wrote this when I was 16...whoo!

(I dont own Avatar: The last Airbender)
-I dont own Pictures and YouTube video's that are posted on the sides BUT whoever made them are AMAZING... :)

**read at your own risk, I wrote this when I was 14 so there will be grammar and spelling problems :D
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But peace is also in his blood. Little does Katara know that he's related to avatar roku
freakytroye freakytroye May 31
Same. I just finished the series today again and the 8 year old me died all over again
Me: Back off Mai! He is Katara's man! *takes out pen*
                              Mai: What can a PEN do?
                              Me: *smirks* This. *uncaps pen* *pen turns into a sword* Run witch.
TazmanianP TazmanianP Aug 19
Something to think about. Friends are the people you hate the least and love the most.
SAME !! ZUTARA FOR LIFE! I remember I didn't finished the show and I always tho they end together. When I realized they didn't damn ! I was so done with everything!
I ship zutara so much!!! This is my second time reading this. So existed to read it again!!!