Take Me (A Lesbian Stud For Stud Story)

Take Me (A Lesbian Stud For Stud Story)

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Being a lesbian is hard.
Being a lesbian Stud is even harder.
But being a lesbian stud who likes studs???

The hardest part beneath THAT is trying to find a stud that will Take You for the women you are and see past the clothes.

See what happens when a Stud finds herself catching feelings for another Stud who hates the thought of two Studs even being together!

callmekikes callmekikes Oct 04
Sthu cause u ain't gone be saying that when y'all dating now is u? No
Deziree **ion even know if I spelled it right 💀** (dez-i-ray)
Plus young girls are overly emotional needy and clingy asf.! And if yu they first it's even worse
Exactly why I only lik girls that lik girls that lik girls..
3rd time reading this book tbh and its like every time I catch something I didn't the first time.
Ha name Keyshawna 😂😂 I'm just giving people new names n shït 😭😭