It's Just Business

It's Just Business

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BOOK 1 OF THE 'It's Just Business' SERIES

Sam Anderson, CEO of Anderson's Corporation is a tough, straightforward, serious man who only speaks the language of business.

Violet is a bubbly, clumsy and shy girl who lands a job at Anderson's Corporation.

No matter how much Sam tries to avoid her, he can't help but get drawn to her.

But can Violet teach him the language of love or will it all result in heartbreak

good thing it wasn't england i like australia better no offense
--venice-- --venice-- Jul 21
Why can the female main character never have good fashion sense or be able to walk in heels? It's not that hard!
Aarron79 Aarron79 Mar 30
Hearing about the business makes me feel good. Once I read about the   ethics in business and I was happy that I got more applicable keys to make my business successful
And................................ SHE GETS IT??? WTF. ik, right? TOTALLY REAL LIFE. Am i right?
Not even any jelly, I didn't know jelly was the expensive, time to start cherishing my jelly.
Okay, This is where I realized it's a woman. Maybe I judged the book by it's cover, anyways, good to discover this. ;)