The Next Step: 6 Years On

The Next Step: 6 Years On

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Brittany Raymond and Trevor Tordjman are super close. Best friend, married, parents close. It all started in the year 2014 and now, 6 years later, 4 more seasons of their hit Tv Show have been made and they are still together. Young and very, very happy with now a reunion movie being made.

Watch these two as the new decade of 2020 begins and they embark on a journey with now children, partners, family and of course their beloved cast-mates beside them. With new challenges such as engagement, marriage, pregnancy, children, life or death situations, funerals, court issues, moving house, vacations, temporary divorce, sexual assaults, potential house burn, extended family issues and of course the dreaded media......will this extremely popular, well known couple survive as the pair they were all those years ago.

Or will everything change. 6 years later.....

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brxttjamin brxttjamin Jul 27, 2017
Ok I'm rereading this for the millionth time bc it's my favourite tns book everrr
LoganWasBorn LoganWasBorn Nov 15, 2015
Reading your books I have the exact same smug look as Brittany in your profile picture.
dreamerofthesomeday dreamerofthesomeday Aug 21, 2015
Great first chapter. I can't wait to read the rest. I love the Next Step so much- Jiley and Trittany 4ever!
Jiley_loverr21 Jiley_loverr21 Jul 21, 2015
I just read 2 chapters and I already think your book is awesome :)
Willisawesome1243 Willisawesome1243 Jul 17, 2015
Hi it's swaggerjagger125 on my brothers phone so I can comment and vote even more!!!
__the_next_step__ __the_next_step__ Jul 06, 2015
Luv this book i want to read the whole thing im starting to read the whole thing later