A Cinderella Bad Boy Story

A Cinderella Bad Boy Story

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missindependent_ By missindependent_ Updated Aug 23, 2016

[previously entitled "Secrets of the Bad Boy"]

One boy. One girl. One dance.

Hayden Marvel has lost all hope in the boys at Hillside High, primarily because of her train wreck ex-boyfriend. But she is smart, and independent, and had chosen not to rely on any guy to survive the rest of high school.

Trey Parker is the residential bad boy, almost as well known for causing mayhem as he is for being attractive, though the specifics always seem to be a suspicious mystery. The common knowledge of the school is that he, along with his two best friends, haven't gone a week without detention since the eighth grade.

The two seem to keep colliding in odd ways, making it seem like Fate has some tricks up her sleeve. And finally, at the masquerade dance, when Hayden realizes THE Trey Parker is the one she had the most magical night of her life with, including a foot popping kiss, she panics. Leaving him all alone, she runs. As far as she can.

But then, their lives become interchangeably intertwined -- no matter how hard she tries to avoid it.
How long will the good girl Hayden Marvel be able to keep this secret from the bad boy Trey Parker? Only time will tell.

ALTERNATE VERSION to Getting to Know the Bad Boy!

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