Drinks With The Devil

Drinks With The Devil

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maryash12 By maryash12 Updated Nov 22, 2017

"If you prick me do I not bleed? If you tickle me do I not laugh? If you poison me do I not die? And if you wrong me shall I not revenge?"
- William Shakespeare

"If revenge motivates you, go for it! But the main thing is to set your game in order"
-Viswanathan Anand

Anand and Shakespeare sure do have a way with words. Who knew this poem would be talking about me. 

I have been poisoned.
I have been pricked.
 I have been motivated.
I shall laugh.
I shall revenge. 

I swear with every fibre of my being I shall revenge. My affairs are in billions of  order. 

I am Nathan Arriaga and this is my story.

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issothenanny issothenanny Nov 16, 2016
I kept ur story in my list,n now i have the chance to read iylt.my goddd u make my heart beat running...
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Jun 11, 2016
Nathan you better extract your revenge sincerely to hurt and banish them like they did you and throw them to the side like dorty freaking dogs that they are.don't leave them with a penny for nothing and let them suffer like you did with know freaking help from family member and friends.
Wouldbebookstalker Wouldbebookstalker Feb 06, 2017
I like having a guy character for a change. It's refreshing.
JunetteAndrew JunetteAndrew Jun 20, 2016
I love your book it is as simple as that i cant stop reading onve I've started...my sister/bestie introduced me and i was hooked after that but im over whelmed that she did...tbh at first i was sceptical about it but then ,then i just couldnt get enough.....
peaches4747 peaches4747 Oct 08, 2016
Yeah, sometimes you are better off with the stranger in the street.
anngifte anngifte May 21, 2016
Maryash i love your stories so much, pls pls and pwetty pls, don't take long to update them.