Orders (Germany x Country!Reader)

Orders (Germany x Country!Reader)

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For years, you lived in solitude as a peaceful country with your boss. But when a war comes up, will you be dragged in unexpectedly?


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bîtch don't call me a fūcking girl, icH BIN EINE FRAU DUMMKOPF
I know what that means.....Ahhhhh.... I am so proud of maself....
                              Sorry i know no one cares but i am happy....😊😊😊
this reminded me of the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter heheheh
MaladaptiveDaydream MaladaptiveDaydream Dec 05, 2016
He's just having all sorts of realizations about who's a girl aren't you Prussia?
We had our cloak on, so he didn't know. -_- Don't people ever pay attention?  Why so many smart ass remarks?
AjWoffy202 AjWoffy202 Apr 03, 2016
Thw bracelet for some reason reminds me of Percy's pen that can shift into a sword, from Percy Jackson