Changing The Bad Boy

Changing The Bad Boy

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"You're unbelievable"Lia huffed rolling her eyes"and to think for one second I thought you actually liked me"

Wesley chuckled coldly stepping closer to Lia so there noses were practically touching"I don't like people like you Lia, I never have and I never will. You're just my neighbor and my tutor, that's it, that's all there ever will be between us" 

Wesley stepped back examining Lia's facial expression. 

Lia had tears in her eyes forcing them not to come out so she wouldn't show him how much he hurt her, he led her on, he made her believe that people like him could like people like her, but she was wrong. 

"Oh, go cry about it"Wesley snapped pulling a cigarette out of its package and placing it in his mouth then walking away.

Lia Dawson-straight A student, known as' the good girl' from peers, never gets in trouble, seventeen, senior.

Wesley Anderson- Doesn't really care about grades, known as 'the bad boy of the generation', can't seem to stay out of trouble, eighteen, senior.

Trinity339 Trinity339 Feb 24
Is it just me or does anyone else think that he's either Lia's uncle or a friend of her uncle, and that he's gonna have Wesley kill her parents or something?
_ALNB_ _ALNB_ Jun 25
It's actually polite to get to a place 5 min before the actual time
Lol, I recent got my permit and it's pretty scary at first, I was awful when I first started but It's alright I eventually improved as time went on(: cx
Alyssa_46 Alyssa_46 Aug 25
I'm terrible at driving. But I've only tried once, and I'm 14 so no expects me to be any good at it anyways.