College Sucks ~ Ereri/Riren

College Sucks ~ Ereri/Riren

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Eren always had an idea in his head about what college would be like, and a lover was not a part of it. Levi Ackerman paints himself into Eren's picture and changes his life.

The art major and the music major room together and unexpectedly change each other's lives. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but the plot. The characters are not mine.
Warning: Yaoi, don't like? Don't read

LawlietsAddiction LawlietsAddiction Nov 29, 2016
People Want Mikasa To Die,Like I'm Here Saying "NOOO MIKASA YOU'RE MY FAVOURITE
No_Shits_Given No_Shits_Given Nov 21, 2016
titan: sjwodhcusklqlqpwkwjdxojdb
                              (Really meant)
                              Ooh!! A coconut and a furry cherry with black hair on it!!!
                              My fave
MandaChrona MandaChrona Dec 05, 2016
I honestly don't know how this has to do with the story... maybe it's a dream...
bacons_and_pancakes bacons_and_pancakes Dec 13, 2016
I think eren died in this world and lived again in an alternate universe where this storys plot takes place...... .... ... jk
- - Jan 07
*grabs blonde coconut and zooms away in 3DMG while holding him above my head and shouting* AW HELL NAW
yaoismutlovers69 yaoismutlovers69 Dec 31, 2016
That wad unexpected but im ready .
                              To sacrifice you hoes