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Zalgo's daughter

Zalgo's daughter

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Melody By iluvcheesecake55 Updated Apr 21, 2015

I was deemed insane at the age of 5 . I'd play with knives. I'd cut the heads off of my dolls and hang them around my room. To me it was pretty and normal , but to everyone else it was kinda creepy. I never got to meet my dad he left at my birth. After 10 years of being at the asylum, when I was 15, I finally broke out.
I found the creepastas they took me in and told me about my dad. I decided to side with the creepypastas who I called my family, rather than my very evil daddy.

Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Jan 27
Honestly, as soon as I saw the pic I said 'eww'.
                              I don't get what you people see in him?!
FireDragonGirl5 FireDragonGirl5 Dec 20, 2016
YOU FUCKIN BITCH! YOU CAUSED THIS , SO STOP CRYING OVER YOUR OWN FUCKIN CHOICE!....sorry I have a horrible relationship with my mom
Five years old and already knows the middle finger...
                              I LIKE THIS GIRL!!😉
YoungMulaBebz YoungMulaBebz Aug 16, 2016
Yeah he's fat and looks like Shrek after he drinks that potion nowadays don't bring up the past child XD
MitaTheOwl MitaTheOwl 4 days ago
                              Dude ... You called the police to take your daughter and you crying?! You could have just left her and let her continue by buying more dolls for her to decapitate;)
ValApplepie180 ValApplepie180 Aug 13, 2016
-_- can you like not, I was like 6 or 9 when I watched twilight so horrible I preferr creepy pasta.