Mischievous {George Weasley}

Mischievous {George Weasley}

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arabelle ♥ By hopelessbelle Updated Apr 05, 2013

Avianna has always had a sheltered life; her mother was murdered when she was a baby and she doesn't know who her biological father is. She was raised by Remus Lupin and she always saw him as her father.

But as fifth year rolls along at Hogwarts, Avianna couldn't help but feel more curious about who her actual father is. She makes it a goal to find who he is, enlisting the help of her worst enemy and cousin, but will she turn out successful? After all, Hogwarts is taking a turn for the worst with a new professor running the hallways, new rules and the possibility that things will never be the same anymore.

How will Avianna survive through her fifth year? Well, that's easy: with the help of her two, mischievous best friends, Fred and George Weasley.

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