Embracing Pain: Requiem (Book Four)

Embracing Pain: Requiem (Book Four)

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Lavinia By romolavinia91 Updated Feb 07, 2017

This is the fourth book in my Mark of the Royals series. It continues the story of Queen Deva. If you haven't read the other books then this will most likely confuse you. So please by all means start from the beginning with "Royal Pain" book one. 

And if you have already read all the previous books then enjoy and please leave me your thoughts at the end of the chapters as well as your vote. 

Like always I promise this book will not disappoint. It will be the most epic ending ever.

  • action
  • darius
  • deva
  • king
  • love
  • lycan
  • passion
  • queen
  • romance
  • werewolf
ArticulateHippie ArticulateHippie Mar 24, 2017
Why can you not just let Marius love you? Jesus Christ he's perfect
_SayLess _SayLess Jul 01, 2016
When I hear the name rose I think red head then I think of Amber then I think whore...in conclusion I think their daughter will be a hoe
asunasao2 asunasao2 Feb 29, 2016
After all the suffering we have been through darius had to die...
nezarsaja nezarsaja Mar 10, 2016
What an original friendship and a constantly  mourning widow .
MarwaTheMars MarwaTheMars Apr 23, 2016
Ummm... didnt she just say that companionship was the only thing she could offer? XD *still shipping Darius and Deva for life*
Genat_H Genat_H Jul 04, 2016
I'm only reading this bc the tags included Darius so I'm praying he comes back