Being adopted is hard, being adopted by a serial killer is even harder.

Cover by: Verde56

  • adopted
  • blood
  • horror
  • killing
  • victims
leslie2461 leslie2461 Aug 13
Add me bout to read this hope it's good 🙏🙏😬😬😝😝
Kea_Slay_Queen Kea_Slay_Queen 5 days ago
That's like so creepy on so many levels. Great start though👌
Quoteie Quoteie Aug 26
I'm not trying to be a smart ass or anything, but what if the mistake is so bad that people can't read it?
deadxcity deadxcity Aug 27
...but constructive criticism is very important when it comes to writing stories...
                              I mean, I'm not that type of person, but if you don't want people to point out mistakes then how will you be able to fix them yourself?
CoLoRCaKe8 CoLoRCaKe8 Sep 30
Im sorry but the Name Sonny Reminds me of The Brand Sony aka "The ones That Made The worst movie in history"
Well, I like the description, but, and it isn't like I do this often, not allowing people to help you grow better at writing makes you sound like a narcissist. So, I won't be reading.