A Game Called Love

A Game Called Love

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Ryker seems unfazed as he smirk over me. Jacket was out of sight but hell those arms are buff. His white shirt hugs all areas very well and I could imagine how chiseled this guy is.

"Get off me" I demanded, pushing his chest lightly. Not to mention that my eyes looked everywhere but his blue eyes - those piercing ocean orbs.

He shook his head with a smirk on his face, clearly teasing me, "I kind of like this position"

His toned arms are as pillars not to crush me and he lay between my legs. Nice. Note the sarcasm.


Ellain Thomas and Ryker Chasin

She is cold like ice;
He is cocky like high.
They are rich;
They are rude.
They keep dirty little secrets - they are the bad girl and the bad boy.

Two similar person who will break each other's guards down and find themselves trapped in a game called love.

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babylips2002 babylips2002 Nov 11, 2016
I think that gods sends someone to everyone whos hearts turned cold to warm it again