two trouble makers

two trouble makers

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What happens when bad girl meets bad boy? 

Meet Tessa, the only daughter of a rich and wealthy family that pretty much owns most of their town Pymble Yates. She was the perfect daughter, never breaking the law, always coming home before curfew and always with the perfect grades. But then everything changed when her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her worst enemy, Queen bitch Nikki. Any ideas of love being shattered she turns into Pymble Yates very own bad girl. 

Then meet Dave the biggest trouble maker to appear in Tessa's life. Dave has just moved to Pymble Yates and he is pretty much every girls dream, with a tall, muscular built and soft blonde hair falling into his eyes he has every girl falling for him before they even know his name. Living with his rich and one helluva dick of a father he is forced to start a new life and hates every second of it, that is until he meets Tess. 

The two play each other at their own game. Bad girl against Bad boy, they know each others next moves like their own, both with nothing but fun as their first intentions. 
But what happens when both of them start falling? Will they realise the importance of true love and catch each other or will everything go spiralling the wrong way and they both fall?

What happens when two trouble makers meet?

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WICKEDisbad WICKEDisbad Dec 11, 2017
Alexander Hamilton
                              The troops are waiting in the field for you
I love it I can already tell this is going to be a great book
Ereda5 Ereda5 Feb 04, 2017
It's amazing!!! I wouldn't have ever guessed that this was ur first time writing in wattpad!!
drusilla2 drusilla2 Jul 23, 2016
I've only read 2 chapters and the stories already really interesting