Girls Only!

Girls Only!

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Girls Only.. Did you hear that Boys? Girls only, which means you all got to leave because this book isn't for you. 

This book is literally just sixty relatable chapters that all girls can relate too. 

Most are taken from tumblr/internet.

I have a heck ton. "Japan's attacking." "Granny's here." "Mother Nature sent me a present."
hana_nakhwa hana_nakhwa Jun 11
Happy birthday!!!! It's d funniest but it was kept by my mum n her cousins
SkyGoonie SkyGoonie 5 days ago
True😂. When my friends talk about someone we always use code names if we don't like the person
-Iavender- -Iavender- Jun 16
Mine : Japan. ("Hey, Josie, Japan Attacked...""hey, Mrs Robert... I'm in Japan...) those are just examples, I ever said them before.
One of my old friends and I used to use fruit names as codes for people
                              My crush was Kiwi and I was watermelon XD
jinismyhoe jinismyhoe Aug 02
I tell everyone "OMGGGG (FRIENDS NAME) HAS HER PERIOD" I don't have mine yet tho