Girls Only!

Girls Only!

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S I E N N A By Sienna_54 Updated Oct 01

Girls Only.. Did you hear that Boys? 'GIRLS ONLY'! So boys, leave before we catch your cooties.

This is a (sort of rant) book that all Girls can relate too!

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Some Chapters Are Tumblr Inspired/Stolen From Tumblr

that_one_gemini that_one_gemini 3 days ago
I had the guts to tell him but I ran away and down the hall like sonic
I'm here to give cooties... That sounds really gross... But because I'm reading this apparently that's what's about to happen.
ShadowPine ShadowPine Oct 07
"Ladies Week"
                              My monthly subscription to Satan's waterfall
My dad calls it: "the rag". Me and my friends: :time of the month"
originalsiren originalsiren 3 days ago
When asking for a pad: "I need a band-aid". Naw, I have no friends, I'm homeschooled, so I have no problems like this
that_one_gemini that_one_gemini 3 days ago
Oh yeah the code name for my crush is "you-know-who" (harry potter reference anyone?) or "blank" and sometimes "code red" since I blush when I look at him