The Little Fire

The Little Fire

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FamousVioletRose By FamousVioletRose Updated Dec 18, 2017

The twins felt her raw presence roll sensually through their bodies as her change came to a finish. They could taste her fury in the air as they exited the castle to the excessively large grassy meadow.

"She won't come quietly you know?" Mikhail said quietly, rolling his shoulders and shifting his neck from side to side.

Dante felt his muscles changing, growing and uncoiling painlessly as he smirked at his brother. He could feel his Mikhail's excitement like little shocks to his own system. "Don't try to make it sound like you wish she would. Submission has always been our favourite game." His last words were said in a deep gravelly voice and ended in a growl as his own change came to a close.

Mikhail let an unashamed smile line his lips. Feeling his own muscles shift beneath the skin as his change began, he chuckled, "Don't go too hard on her. I want to play with her as long as possible before she breaks."

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kate_is_epic_ kate_is_epic_ Jul 11, 2016
That reminds me of that Harry Potter quote - "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters most is the part we choose to act on - That's who we really are"
lulu199 lulu199 Apr 16, 2016
I completely agree i would so run Way it's not like there is anyone she's is going to miss
- - Jun 29, 2016