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Getting Out of Fuchsia

Getting Out of Fuchsia

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dste By d_s_t_e Completed

You think your hometown is boring? Try living in Fuchsia City: population 35 and a total of 9 pixilated buildings. All I wanted was to get out of there. I didn't even care where I ended up as long as it didn't look like it had been mapped out by a kindergartener with a box of crayons. That was the beginning.

I knew from the start it wouldn't be easy. Out on the road, just looking at someone the wrong way could force you back to where you came from, and the woods beyond are filled with creatures known to attack at the slightest provocation.

Starting out, I thought that I knew everything. But this story is really about everything I didn't know. The things I never expected to happen, the people I never expected to meet, and the one big surprise I never saw coming.

This is technically a fan fiction, but it requires no previous knowledge of the franchise it is based on. Everything is written and explained as though the reader is seeing everything for the first time. You won't even know what type of fan fiction it is at first. So whether you're a fan or not, please enjoy!

(Cover made by my awesome sister, caitlin_payne, using Falke2009 of Deviantart's Safari Zone Daytime background and 1PhantomRfan of Fanpop's Leaf fanart)

ChronaLilly ChronaLilly Jan 14, 2016
Wow, I just got sassed by a fictional character. I feel like we could just have had that for the first chapter, but what you did works too. Can't wait to read this XD
- - Jun 16, 2015
Woah, your writing style is so awesome, I do believe that I'm hooked!
shinymewgirl shinymewgirl Dec 13, 2013
Hey I know every pokemons name and I'm not a nerd geek ect I just enjoy playing pokemon
isa125 isa125 Mar 25, 2013
Oh, wow, really good! You can tellby the details this will certainly not bethe typical pokemon story and I already love this story! :)
d_s_t_e d_s_t_e Feb 18, 2013
@SoIrresistable Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. There actually is more dialogue later on, but I love having descriptions of everything, too. Glad you liked it!
d_s_t_e d_s_t_e Jan 15, 2013
@caitlin_payne She's the one telling the story, so of course she knows she's in it. She knows that there's a real world, too, though, if that's what you're getting at. She actually came from the real world to the Pokemon one. I'll get to that eventually.