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One shot

One shot

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"Goodnight honey" "goodnight mommy" 

2 hours later 
I wake up to hearing 
"Ahh fuck yes right there fuccccck oh yeah shit oh yeah" I was wondering what mommy was doing because in my nine years I've never heard that sound before so I walked into mom's room and find a bunch of toys and one very large pink think going in and out. "mommy what are you doing" "baby I'm making myself happy" "can I join mommy please" " yes baby I want to show you how to make mommy happy do you want to make me happy" "yes mommy yes" "ok now come on the bed and come in between my legs and I want you to suck me until I come ok" "ok mommy" I go on top of the bed and I'm in between her legs and she moves my head to the spot where she wants me to suck so I move my head down and start sucking "ahhhhhhh fuck yes right there keep sucking I'm so close" and I did what u was told and then something wet was all over my face "mommy can you make me happy" "of course baby" she took off my pants and went between my legs and p...

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