Percy Jackson: Shattered

Percy Jackson: Shattered

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Allure_Crimson By Allure_Crimson Updated Jul 15, 2017

This is the second book in the Broken trilogy.

For the past year, the world has been tormented by the Nightmare. It shows no mercy, it can't be killed, and it can't be stopped. 

Except it can. 

A small ragtag group searches for a way to save their friend.

But can he be saved? Can he escape the madness? Or will madness conquer all?

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- - Feb 19, 2016
The name of this book makes me think of the song Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling
Allure_Crimson Allure_Crimson Apr 26, 2016
@SnakeTigress I never said she was a kid. She could be like 20. I just said it was a girl.
ElementalDragons ElementalDragons Jul 11, 2015
Now, I'm not hating, I LOVE the way you wrote this, just one problem. How the Chaos did Nightmare escape the chains of doom? And where did he heal? And also, WHAT  IS UP with him?
Amber_0713_ Amber_0713_ Jul 11, 2015
Good job! Is Dawn going to help save him? We haven't seen her much... Please put her in the next chapter and not make her speaking part more than one line?
TimeSkip TimeSkip Jul 10, 2015
Woo! I am soo excited for this book. I have a feeling its gonna be epic!
Percabeth1233 Percabeth1233 Jul 09, 2015
Can't wait for the first chapter to come
                              thank you for doing a book 2 :)