Are you sure? Levy x reader Fanfiction

Are you sure? Levy x reader Fanfiction

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FanFicPanda By FanFicPanda Updated Sep 03

Yes, this is a levy x reader Fanfiction. Yes, Levy from fairytail. This is directed towards girls, so if girl x girl makes you uncomfortable, then why are you still here? XD

Anyways, the plot line:
You love magic and mages. You would love to become one, but you don't feel that you have the time or the money to get a teacher. You also love books. You meet a really sweet girl at the bookstore and that encounter changes your life in more than one way. Read to find out more!

(Also, the title becomes more relevant later.)


Omfg I legit fell off my bed and spilt my water in the process
Levy: I don't remember throwing it.😐
                              Sorry had to😂😂😂
Krzy_Gamer Krzy_Gamer Oct 21
I see what you're going here author~chan!!! (I think 😂😂)