Married to You (boyxboy) Completed

Married to You (boyxboy) Completed

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Rhea Mae (rhie) By Seductively_Innocent Completed

Sky Grodman, a boy with cute physique; not considered flamboyant nor a hunk-like body. He is someone you can call flowerboy type. He is the lead vocalist/pianist in his band ‘the hunters’. Suddenly woke up with her mother asking him to marry someone to save their drowning company. Neither did he know, his bride is a HE.
Justin Grimwood a happy-go-lucky guy who goes to every party he hears. Bangs girls he definitely won’t remember the next day when he wakes up. He, who goes home every day with a heavy hangover. Her mother got fed up of his lifestyle and decided to set him up with a marriage to someone she though is a girl, threatening him to take all his cars away from him just to agree marrying this ‘girl’.
They woke with each other’s naked self not knowing why that happened. Want to know every detail?
Then start reading and enjoy their married life.
Unlike any other stories, it all started with a marriage. Yep, a commitment ceremony, without even knowing each other 
Now that they are already married, will they keep it as it is? Or wait for two months and file divorce? As a married couple, will they be able to surpass all the challenges of their new life with each other? Or everything will go backwards?

WARNING: boyxboy, contains boy to boy scenes, 
	If you are a homophobic prick, then don’t you dare read this… you might turn GAY.

I’m not good at describing haha…

Seductively_Innocent *_^…<3

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oilensaxor oilensaxor Apr 01
what  a  mess   . . . . .   tsk  tsk  tsk  tsk   good  luck  to  both  of  you
B0y_Luv74 B0y_Luv74 Apr 02
Hah!! That’s funny!!! You think it’s a girl. You’re so freakin screwed bro 😂
SugarCancer SugarCancer Feb 07
Oh god. I can totally imagine my wedding. And these three drunk idiots are exactly like my friends who promised me that they'll make sure that ill be high on my wedding.
bryluenlush bryluenlush Mar 31
As a true lifelong Fujoshi I know the joys that will present themselves on the journey I’m about to undertake.
B0y_Luv74 B0y_Luv74 Apr 02
Ugh I hate people like this. Sky has some work cut out for him if Justin’s mom thinks he can fix this snobby, selfish, rich kid