My First Memory [A Chrobin Fanfic]

My First Memory [A Chrobin Fanfic]

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r e n  ♡ By constantlyjungshook Updated May 10, 2015

"There are better places to take a nap on than the ground, you know."

After Robin gets up, she looks at the man that was talking to her.

She couldn't remember a thing, but her mind flashed back and then she replied back, curiosity in her tone of voice.


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Xkat-MorningfeatherX Xkat-MorningfeatherX Mar 14, 2015
Snow White = Princess
                              AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER
                              EXCEPT GRIMA
                              THE END
Ladieko Ladieko Mar 09, 2015
Hehe.hehehehe. Hehehehehehehehehe! (I'm sorry if I sound like a madwoman. Trust me I'm not! XD)
constantlyjungshook constantlyjungshook Mar 09, 2015
@HyliaHellscythe lol hehe it's fine. I'm writing the first chapter ^·^
Ladieko Ladieko Mar 09, 2015
Like I said before........
                              IM.SO.PUMPED.UUUUUUUUUP!! YEAHHHHH! XD
                              I'm sorry I'm getting excited!
I like it and I love it you do a good job on it I like to read it. I like chapter 1 you do a good job on chapter 1. You do good on all the chapter. And I hope you like my comments to.