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Killer Comedy [PARODY] [Jeff the Killer x Reader] [JTK]

Killer Comedy [PARODY] [Jeff the Killer x Reader] [JTK]

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-≫ S  。N  。O  。W ≪- By xXDarkQueenXxRei Updated Jul 19, 2016

You have ten days before you die.

The infamous "Jeff the Killer" shows up one night to kill you, but creates a deal with you instead. If you survive ten days, you live. If you don't, well, you obviously die. Fun, right? The only problem is that you laugh every time you see him. His face is just so funny! How will you control yourself? What if he starts to love you? Ha! He's a nasty, blood-sucking, gay-as-hell jerk-face. There's no way you'd fall for that. He was the one that broke into your house, so he was gonna play by your rules. Every time he insults your slutty friend- slap in the face! Every time he calls you stupid and a whale- slap in the face!

Will you survive all ten days with this inconsiderate asshole?


This is a JTK x Reader from second person point of view. It's a parody of my other fanfiction, "Killer Romance" This is the funny version, and the other one is the serious version.
I don't own most of the characters.
(Jeff The Killer x Reader PARODY)

WARNING: Contains lots of sarcasm and swearing. IF YOU DON'T LIKE RACIST JOKES AND/OR GET HUMOR, DON'T READ THIS. IF YOU DO, DON'T COME CRYING TO ME IF YOU GET OFFENDED... Well, of course I'll apologize and then try to compensate but- DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. Good luck to those of you who persevere onward. I'm sorry if your family looks at you crazy for laughing like a maniac at your phone or crying because of how pathetic and stupid this book is. Most of the plot is exactly how it is in the original book, so DON'T GET MAD IF IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. Co-me-dy. It's not meant to make sense.

Aw don't be mean reader-chan. You'll hurt Auggie #2 feelings.
thats honestly how we would act in front of him. one minute fangirling if you are bold enough next minute behhibg for your lifr
....I have dyspraxia and ADHD,also I have a problems that make me eat my own skin and I know I have issues!
Watch out this is what happen when you laugh too freaking much!
Then a car while try to crush me...again! For the third times in my life xD!
I don't need more pills! Dexedrine is already burning my mind !