Military Girl

Military Girl

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candyperson123 By candyperson123 Updated Jun 23, 2016

Meet Lexy, she's in the military and is one if the best people in the army.  In fact THE best. Normal human doing normal human things. If going into war is normal....... She's  19. She's feisty and doesn't listen to anyone BUT her boss.

Meet Xavior. Alpha of the Midnight Pack. Fifth  largest pack in America and eighth in the world. Fourth strongest in America and ninth in the world. He did not save a thing for his mate. He plans on rejecting her.

What happens  when these two meet? You'll just have to find out by reading.

By the way, I will probably try to update every two days but I don't know.

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What your kidding right?! GAY DUES ARE THE BEST FRIENDS A GIRL CAN ASK FOR!! I have one and he is crazy hilarious 😂
Alpha_Midnight Alpha_Midnight Feb 28, 2016
                              He cares about more than beauty he said smart! Which means she has to have a brain, which she actually uses! Not a dumb (no offence) blonde!
Sweet_Angel_Flower Sweet_Angel_Flower Feb 01, 2016
You can't say for certain when someone will wake up from a coma. It's only a guessamation. Therefore it should be "chance" or "possibility."
peaches0707 peaches0707 Apr 23, 2016
How is she in the military and in high school at the same time?