Imperfections || a.i

Imperfections || a.i

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"I love you."

"How can you ever love a fat person?"

"Because all your imperfections makes you who you are, and I love every inch of you."


Where Maisie Kane is a girl with big thighs, huge hips and rolls for a stomach and believes no one could ever love her. But a certain curly headed boy comes into her life and shows her how to love all her imperfections.

I love how everyone came out about their weight, like yes, BE PROUD OF YOUR BODY
Once in gym I heard one of the popular girls say "elephant" behind me as we walked back into the gym from running the track. @SansDaSkeleton01 am I an elephant? Be honest.
I feel like out through this whole book we're just make ourselves feel either like shi* or better about ourselves
Ikr I feel like saying BURN HADIDS, LONG LIVE ASHLEY GRAHAM but I cant coz she is zayn girlfren
KimCazarez KimCazarez Oct 17
literally can't own thigh high socks or shorts because of the chubs
Tolu-lu Tolu-lu Sep 27
I have straight teeth, but there is a white stripe across, and the rest is just really off white