The Elemental War

The Elemental War

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aqua0625 By aqua0625 Updated Mar 11, 2011

~The Prophecy~

"5 will lead the rebellion. Their abilities greater than those before them. Rare of blood and strong of aura. Their element shall bring forth a new rule. The death of one thought to have been impossible to kill, the start of the Elemental War. They shall bring forth the death of a long-dead king. Time shall move forward again. And spirit shall lead the way."

An incomplete prophecy...

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  • kayden
  • kimiko
  • lana
  • magic
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Vsdninja Vsdninja Mar 23, 2013
@CrazyMadWriter Does it really matter? One tiny detail, you might not remember your life of 1-4 years because your memory was wiped by your parents. Think about it. *random*
                              Love the story BTW, me want more... *
opulent_ opulent_ Nov 01, 2012
It Amaaaazzzing:) Can 1 year olds really remember anything? I do not think they can remember anything at that age?
angeldreamer angeldreamer Oct 04, 2010
Haha i loved the mum talking 2 herself =D
                              Your really talented, keep writing 
                              i <3 it
aqua0625 aqua0625 Aug 13, 2010
@Jenny1397 XD lol thx i think my self-esteem went up bcuz of ur motivational speech :P
JMMbookworm JMMbookworm Aug 13, 2010
Girl, you have a talent!!! Wow, I can't wait till u decide to upload again. You'll see, eventualy, everyone will loveeee this story and be the most popular in wattpad. Just being optimistic, i like to motivate people. Hehehe 
                              Jenny1397  <3
aqua0625 aqua0625 Aug 13, 2010
@Jenny1397 lol thx for actually commenting. im about to upload an actual chapter so i hope ur rite