A Darker Side [Transformers]

A Darker Side [Transformers]

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「 ⲙ ⲟ ⲭ ⲓ ⲉ  ♡ 」 By MoxieAftermath Completed

(Voted best OC, Best OC/Canon Romance, Canon Interpretation, and best MTMTE Plotline in the TransformersFFAwards!)

She was just caught up in the remains of a simple bet, and she believed that they were just flying around in a ship. But it turned out to be much more. Through the light of hope festered darkness, and the puzzle pieces of the future cast their shadows over the ship and its crew. She wasn't prepared for what was to follow, and the consequences of her folly were severe. After all, there's always been a darker side. And the truth was that every Cybertronian was like a rubber band; you could yank, tug, and twist, and eventually they'd snap.

[1st book in the Darker series. Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye universe.]

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