The Fox and the Alpha

The Fox and the Alpha

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Sammy101 By Leonor_Gundersen Updated Jan 24, 2017

April Evans is a 17 years old foxspirit whose only family is her absent older brother. Fortunately, the rest of her family is laying six feet under ground. Foxspirits aren't what humans described. They aren't kind and loveable,  they are the apex predators, they stand on the very top of the food chain, they are silent killers,  but killers all the same.  

April feisty, strong and sarcastic, who doesn't take shit for anyone: not her brother, not some werewolf and not even baby Jesus himself if she believed in him.

Tired of living on the run, April decides to sette down in a small town near the coast, in hopes of living a normal werewolf live, even if she isn't one. She enrols in an all werewolf high school hoping for a calm and boring life. Unfortunately, fate's a bitch so when he decides to join the almighty alpha who rules that territory and a badass foxspirit as mates, adding a Beta-jerk and a white wolf and family issues, April starts firmly regretting her choice of location...

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MistFoox MistFoox Aug 24, 2017
You are me. All the way, except English is my first language and I still don't understand it 😂😂
_LinWrites_ _LinWrites_ Dec 22, 2017
Lmao English is like my 3rd language that he I've been speaking for 7 years now and I still suck at it
AngelAudreyCia AngelAudreyCia Dec 06, 2017
😘. Love the intro. Basically, you insult yourself and tells us to enjoy.... I do THAT!!!!! I'm actually quite excited for the story!
Romansgirl4life Romansgirl4life Nov 10, 2017
Hey girl I no that u will have  a very good book for ur first book just by reading the being of it   Btw u have the hottest guys in ur book so that makes it even ten times batter to read. Lol
Wolfity_Girl2 Wolfity_Girl2 Jan 30, 2017
My first language is english but I've been learning chinese for 6 years now. 我爱这个的书! Means-I love this book! So, yeah...*looks down shyly*
ImmaKpopStan ImmaKpopStan Feb 27, 2017
English is 1st
                              French is 2nd
                              Patwa is 3rd
                              Spanish is 4th
                              And many more