loving the enemy (a dramione story)

loving the enemy (a dramione story)

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Hermione's pov

Why aren't they here yet? I ask Luna once again. I starting to get annoyed, but I still worry.

Hermione, relax they'll be here. Luna says once again still with her dreamly voice. 

Then a shadow falls over us, I look hoping to see harry, ginny, ron, and neville, but instead I see my worst enemy: Draco Malfoy. 

Hello Granger, Lovegood. Draco says with a look of hatred in his eyes.

What do want Malfoy? Luna says in bitter tone.

Relax lovegood I'm here to see Granger. Draco replies calmly.

As soon as he said my name me and Lunar stand up wand in hands

Why? I ask

I'll explain as soon as she leaves. Draco said noddig towards Luna.

You want me to leave 'Mione alone with you, you ...

But I cut her off.

Luna go I'll be fine I have my wand with me. I reassure her.

Fine, she turns to Draco, if you hurt her you will have 3 houses killing, 5 minutes.

With that she turned around and walked whispering be careful

So what do want Malfoy? I asked a bit of bitt...

Chrysanthemums5 Chrysanthemums5 Oct 08, 2017
This looks like an interesting story, but the lack of quotation marks makes it unreadable. I'm sorry; I'm sure it looks fine, or cool, or edgy in your mind. But to the audience it looks like gibberish.
MegaYohana MegaYohana Nov 23, 2017
Looks like it's not only me who need quotation marks here. 😅😅😅
gaillmar gaillmar Nov 12, 2017
Can you please proofread and add quotation marks.  It is very hard to follow.
NoirRoza NoirRoza May 22, 2017
wouldn't it be "friends than them"? Sorry I just love doing the grammar checks I do them for all of my friends, although I'm no good at punctuation lol.
NoirRoza NoirRoza May 16, 2017
Mia and Mione are her nicknames I have seen it in many Dramione Fanfics now.
Winchester-Malfoy Winchester-Malfoy Jan 18, 2016
I am guess Hermione is Mia? So confused I anyone else reading it as Hermione instead?