All My Love:          Markiplier x Reader

All My Love: Markiplier x Reader

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{Chase} By _c_has_e_ Updated Feb 19, 2016

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TonyStankAtTheDisco TonyStankAtTheDisco May 18, 2017
Umm... like two years ago he couldn't handle drinking because his body didn't process it correctly
MykaylaChan MykaylaChan May 15, 2017
Thats true cus I wear certain bras and If u bring me the wrong bra I will cut you
Avragegenderfluidemo Avragegenderfluidemo Jul 02, 2017
I leave my blue hair in a messy hair tie that it was in from the night before
I love how I can actually fit a pair of this grown man's boxers when I'm too big to fit a pair of my brother's old boxers, I don't for them like they're too tight
Turtlefriends222 Turtlefriends222 Mar 30, 2017
I would not wear his boxers!
                              Thats a lie I would.......
                              AND GETTING DRUNK? HELL YEAH!
ilikeitwhenyouloveme ilikeitwhenyouloveme Mar 29, 2016
But my hair makes it impossible to do both. It would take 4 hours to straighten my hair, and curling it is useless because it's so curly ;-; I can't relate