A Girl in A Gilded Cage ⇝ Stefan Salvatore

A Girl in A Gilded Cage ⇝ Stefan Salvatore

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Kiara By Voice_Of_Kiara Updated Jun 18, 2016

❝believing in love doesn't make you a fool, it makes you human.❞

innocent is the word that would describe skye mikaelson the best. or even the word harmless or fragile. since she was young people always felt the need to protect her, to shield her from the wrongs in the world. they didn't want a soul so pure to be tainted. after being daggered for nine hunderd years she is back. coping with all that's changed she finds comfort elsewere.

[season 3 and onwards]

Bilinxi Bilinxi Jun 17, 2016
I don't know why, but I can't get over this gif. It's so cute !!
Sophia_Stig05 Sophia_Stig05 a day ago
AllOfOurScars AllOfOurScars 15 hours ago
Every time I see the name Claire Holt I have to sing the H20 theme song.
WaterProof1126 WaterProof1126 Jul 13, 2016
I already love this. The gif pulled me in and the writing is making me stay.
brainstorm1234 brainstorm1234 Apr 19, 2015
I'm love how all the Originals treat her with care and especially Esther.