Detention [Boyxboy]

Detention [Boyxboy]

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Poppy Anonymous Derpson By loonypoppy Completed

Warning : Prepare yourself, this story is hot like really hot. It also contain a lot of sex scenes and swearing.

Seems like you have to fan me before reading this because most chapters were rated R and kept in private.

Meet Brandon, a lonely gay boy who just tried going to school because no one has enough balls to befriend with him in public. He was teased by the jocks on a daily basis especially by Chris Green, the quarterback. Even though Brandon think he is a total ass, he also think that Chris is the sexiest man he has ever met. One day Chris got both of them detention, and then everything seems to heat up...

  • boyxboy
  • brandon
  • chris
  • detention
  • highschool
  • love
  • slash
JayshiaMadames JayshiaMadames Jun 04, 2017
Man that was one helluva intro! You got me all hyped up to read this awesome story only to find that half the book is missing. Where can I find the full story?
ImOutcast ImOutcast Jun 22, 2017
And because I'm the curious type I'm gonna search if that site still is active
Sol_angel25 Sol_angel25 Jul 20, 2017
I remember reading this in that website. Hella long time ago.
                              Michael Booker is #1 best author. Though still wondering what happened to him.
ImOutcast ImOutcast Jun 22, 2017
Everyone here said it but really I love your honesty and you
xx_Oddly_Amused_xx xx_Oddly_Amused_xx Oct 19, 2016
I would never do that. You're so darn savage. We all need Holy Water.
geekiechicforall13 geekiechicforall13 Oct 14, 2016
Thank you for being honest and expressing your intentions as well as wanting this to reach more people.
                              The world needs more people like you,