Brent's Story (A "Living With The Choices We Make" Novella) ✔️

Brent's Story (A "Living With The Choices We Make" Novella) ✔️

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My name is Brent Parks and I have just about driven my girlfriend Rena to her limits. In a few days, she will take my life. I can't necessarily blame her because I have abused her on and off during our relationship. 

Before I met her, I faced my own demons - for years, I suffered violence at the hands of my father. I am not trying to make excuses but I hope you will understand that there is another side to this story, a side I would like to tell you about....

This Novella can be read independently from "Living With The Choices We Make" however, it contains references to the main story and it would be beneficial to read both for completeness.

Authors Note:
This is a story about child abuse and domestic violence and tells the story from the eyes of an abuser as a reminder what can happen to children who suffer violence at the hands of their parents. 
Please do not read this book if you find this topic disturbing. It is not designed to upset anyone but to raise awareness.

Copyright@2015 by Sally Mason
All rights reserved

Cover by @Lucyface

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😭😭😭😭 no child ever should go through this . 💔
Is he seriously taking his child's words as if he was a grown man? What kind of parents is he? He is just a kid
Molly515 Molly515 Jun 06
Nooo I can’t cont his book😭 His dad is gonna get so mad
Lockadler Lockadler Apr 19
You should've leave, if only you leave soon maybe brent won't be an abuser like his father
fangirl95 fangirl95 Apr 07
In a way, I feel like Rena broke the cycle of abuse by killing Brent. If her kid grew up, he would probably see Brent abusing her, and will become just like him.
Lockadler Lockadler Apr 19
So this is why we should've quit from toxic relationship, before it hurting the kid or turn them into monster