The other Night Fury (reader x Hiccup)

The other Night Fury (reader x Hiccup)

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Your P.O.V

We were leaving Berk, it was too dangerous, I was 1. It would be too dangerous if a dragon came and snatched me, I'm an adventurous kid, I explore a lot.

I'm in my mother's arms, we have been in this boat for ages! There is nothing to do, I finally saw an island come into view, it looked horrible, grey stone spikes coming from everywhere.

We docked into the island, we climbed out of the boat. I walked with my Mother,Father and two brothers.

" welcome to Outcast Island, I am Alvin the treachorus" I heard a man say, I looked up and saw a really tall man,quite scary looking as well.

We walked to where our house was. I attempted to go up the wooden stairs, I couldn't make my little legs climb, my mother picked me up and took me up stairs, she put me in my wooden bed and I fell asleep.

-11 years later-

I woke up and got out my bed, it was my 12th birthday! I made my way down the stairs. I saw my family huddled around the table.

" morning" I said trying to get people's att...

    Is it weird that in reality when I saw this things in the boy toys section I would always beg then to buy them for me?.........
    Oh god I read wrong I thought it said "my brother dagger " 😰😰😰
    FallerN618 FallerN618 Mar 25
    Those are the best brothers ever... 
                                  Percy: Hey! What about me?
                                  You are the bestest, awesomest, sassiest, and greatest Brother EVER. *hugs him*
    FallerN618 FallerN618 Mar 25
    Great! This parents are great! 
                                  They let my inner Artemis show up!
    wow, xD  "you have a whole life ahead of you even though your mom just died" 
                                  story me; "ok!"
    cassie7r3 cassie7r3 Aug 14, 2016
    Me: You have no one to blame but you brother.
                                  Me in book: -_-
                                  Me: WHAT!?!?! IT'S TRUE